About Tojarcom

Tojarcom is a one-of-a-kind e-commerce service. Tojarcom, which means “your merchants on the web”, reflects our authentic and genuine values towards our customers. These values are built on credibility, transparency, trust and excellent customer service, presenting a unique business model in the domain of online shopping. 

Our Mission

Tojarcom’s mission is to fill the gap of underserved customers looking for authentic affordable luxury products with customized high-end customer service, that addresses customer’s Financial, Functional and Psychological Risks. It is about Customer Service: Before, During and After-Sale. We guide online shoppers, who seek an enjoyable shopping journey, to reach best products in the US and Europe. It is simply “you pick, we search, buy, and delivery to your doorsteps”. You deserve to be better served

Our Vision

To be customer’s Omni-Channel shopping destination with our unique service … “You deserve to be better served”